本文主要讲的是7ps策略,图1所示为纹身动机的框架及其在本研究中的应用。对焦点小组进行了分析,调查的定性部分最初出现了32个可能的动机代码(附录D)。本研究将只讨论主导主题,以使讨论长度保持可控。7 ps的策略。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The illustration carried out in the Figure 1 is the tattoo motivation’s framework with its utilization in this research. The focus groups are analyzed, from which the survey’s qualitative portion had the emergence of 32 probable motivational codes initially (Appendix D). This discussion’s refined themes had been shown in the Table shown below. This research will discuss only the dominant themes so that the discussion length remains manageable. The 7Ps Strategy.
Products/Services: The development strategy can use the social media platforms, websites, blogging, and lead intelligence tools so that the app can reach to everyone and track their needs.
Prices: The pricing should be done according to the position of the competitive market. Monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions at a low rate can really help in this case.
Promotion: Social media advertising, eye catching TV ads, and offers of free subscription for a limited period can really help in this case.
Physical Evidence: The development policy should also focus on the experience gained by the staffs related to online sale, online or physical promotion, and availability of physical packing of the app (if any).
People: The development strategy should aim on enhancing the skills of the staffs through training. The authority should also ensure that the recruited candidates have relevant knowledge of the tattoo industry and its integration with technology.
Process: The development should be planned according to the relevant data gathered from the surveys conducted on the probable customers from specific focus group. Then the design should be made in accordance with the varied needs. The authority should ensure that the IT support is integrated with the app.