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In summarizing such approaches, it can be depicted that when the companies do not believe that diversity of culture would have any influence over the organization they tend ignoring. This leads organizations to consistently lose the opportunities for managing the cultural diversity impacts towards its advantages. If impact, at the same time is regarded to be negative as well as positive in nature, then organizations have strategies put in place for managing cultural diversity advantages and disadvantages.
This is to conclude that in the literature review, diversity is considered as a wider conception which could be depicted as the contrast which individuals have. This in turn can be divided further into key diversity dimensions primarily and secondarily in which diversity of culture is a component of primary dimension of a person. Diversity of culture in addition is explained as different cultures presence across a social system which differs in terms of values, behaviours and norms.
However, conflicts are more likely to occur within heterogeneous groups because of the difference in behaviour of individuals as well as values (Thomas, 2011). Such conflicts in turn can result in creating obstacles for teams which may be problematic to view prior to causing an issue. Therefore it eventually has an unfavourable influence over the performance of organization. Listening, communication and focus on understanding distinct cultures are essential to avoid issues because of differences in culture. At the similar time, this also leads towards highlighting the perspective that diversity of culture requires being managed.


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