本文主要内容是讲法律赋予女性的权利,除以上几点外,文章还描述了以下几点,并根据研究以以下几点的形式提供。夫妻双方在缔结婚姻关系时,享有平等的权利和承担平等的责任。消除歧视是委员会为改善妇女在社会中的地位而设立的权利。报告的程度和义务可以很容易地以报告的形式提交给司法、立法和行政部门。议事规则的制定必须由委员会作出。这两名官员的选举必须以其所代表的两年任期的形式进行(Klatch, 2010)。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Apart from the above points, the articles also describes the following which is provided in the form of the following points according to the study is concerned.The equal rights and the responsibilities are provided to the spouse for taking their decisions while entering into the marriage will full and free consents.The elimination of the discrimination is being made by the committee as the women rights are established for the betterment of their position in the society.The degree of the report and also the obligations can be easily submitted in the form of the report presented to the judicial, legislative and also the administrations.The owning of the rules of the procedures must be made by the committee. The election of the two officers must be conducted in the form of the terms of the two years as it is being represented (Klatch, 2010).
The meetings must be appropriately conducted by showing the normal positions which are considered in the form of the reports.
These are the benefits that are providing the development of the society and also are illustrating the women empowerment by illustrating the structure of the work. This is simply illustrating the workings that are conducted in the form of the suggestions. Moreover, the recommendations can be easily conducted by showing the appropriate position of the women in the society. Therefore, the renovations in the Articles are made for focusing on the development of the position of the women in the society.
According to the study, the description of the study is revolving round the problems. The benefits that are made out of including the tradition and the culture in the form of the forces are limiting the human rights of women. This is simply explaining the structure which is categorized on the basis of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. Thus, the proper study can be conducted as the study is being focused in this case which is simply illustrating the various cultures of the society.