Often researchers face difficulty while obtaining data and information for the case study. However, in this report, it was not at all tough to find information about Microsoft Corporation and the Bill gates. In fact, the abundance of data and information made the process of carrying out the case study prolonged. There were many past literature reviews which helped to acquire the most relevant leadership theory for the organization and the leader. The trait theory was apt among the rest theories of leadership as it mainly focuses on the very personality of the leader and how a leader can apply his/her leadership qualities to improve and enhance an organization.
Moreover, the primary skills of a leader are separately discussed in one of the preceding sections so that a holistic idea about the very concept of leadership can be provided. In this case study, the leader of the organization happens to be the co-founder of the organization as well. This helped to relate the concepts and theories of leadership with the organizational context very well. Bill Gates is a well-known public figure and his leadership qualities obtained from his interviews and other academic sources. The competitors of Microsoft were going through the more or fewer phases of technological revolution and this comparative study proved helpful to understand the intricate details of a leader persona. The academic sources used in this report are all listed in the bibliography section and availed from the college library. The interviews of Bill Gates are accessed from renowned magazines and newspapers.
The concept of leadership is the prime focus of this report. The essential qualities of a leader are first discussed in this report. However, practically, it is not possible to find all those qualities in one individual. Apart from that, different organizations require different leadership skills hence making the skills relative. Bill Gates is a successful leader in an IT company and this does not conform all of his skills and qualities to the confirmed way to success. The greatness of Bill Gates is incomparable. However, he made some mistakes as well.