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本文是关于消费主义的讨论,在当前消费主义泛滥的时代背景下所理解的发展理论是本文思考的主题。乌拉圭总统穆希卡(Jose Mujica)在联合国大会上发表了激烈的演讲,他批评消费主义和浪费,电子监控“毒害”了国家间的关系,呼吁真正的全球化,抨击个人的贪婪“远远超过了人类的优越贪婪”(Merco Press 2013, para. 1)。1)。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Theories of development as understood in the context of the consumerism rampant in current times are the subject of reflection in this essay. “In a fiery speech before the UN General Assembly, Uruguayan president Jose Mujica criticized consumerism and waste, electronic surveillance which ‘poisons’ relations among nations, called for a true globalization and blasted individual greed which has “far outstripped the superior greed of the human species” (Merco Press 2013, para. 1).
The Consumerist culture is one that is seen to be driven by global cultures. Yet consumerism is called out by Mujica as not being a true form of globalization. Why does globalization driving commerce and consumerist culture be chided for not being a true form of globalization is a question that needs to be probed in order to understand Mujica’s remark.
Firstly, is consumerism a part of global culture? Both research studies and outside experiences support this notion. In terms of research studies, consumerist culture exists in the need to buy things, across nations even. The very notion of internationalization is seen to be built around this form of a consumerism oriented society. In outside experiences, indeed I have found that sometimes people behave as if the more they have the more elevated the status is in society. Families no longer own a car and share it. All members of the care expect to have one.
Why consumerist culture might not be a reflection of true globalization? Consumerist culture might not be a reflection of true globalization because it drives wrongful understanding of developments. When driving some notions of GDP, consumerist culture can be understood as not being truthful in its representations. As authors Costanza et al., (2014) argue, GDP is misleading as a measure of national success. A nation cannot declare itself as being developed just because it has market consumers buying many products that consequentially drive up the GDP.


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