本文分析了印欧语系的起源及其细微差别,在Gray and Atkinson(2003)的分析中,有一个关于语言如何反映人类历史文化的陈述。本文详细分析了印欧语系的起源及其细微差别。许多遗传学研究都没有得出决定性的结果。在分析中检验了两种理论。这就是“库尔干扩张”和“安纳托利亚农业”。从库尔干人理论中,可以了解到欧洲和库尔干骑兵扩张的考古证据。与此相反,安纳托利亚理论讨论了8000 – 9500年的农业影响。这些语言实际上是87种语言和超过2449个词汇的混合体。最终发展起来的语言似乎随着年龄的增长而产生和改变。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

In the analysis of Gray and Atkinson (2003) there is a stating about how the language is a reflection of the culture of human history. The origins of the Indo-European language and its nuances have been detailed in this analysis. Many of the genetic studies have rendered inconclusive results. Two theories were tested in this analysis. It was “Kurgan expansion” and “Anatolian farming”. From the Kurgan theory, the archaeological evidence of expansion into Europe and Kurgan horsemen can be comprehended. In contrast to this ideology, the Anatolian theory discusses about the agricultural impact from 8,000–9,500 years. It was eluded that the languages are in reality a mixture of 87 languages and over 2449 lexical terms. The language that is finally developed seem to have produced and changed with an age range.
The strength of this research was that it has explained about the changes in various coding procedures and the rooting of the trees. A number of important analogies that can be comprehended from this analysis. The roots of the linguistics tools can also be comprehended from this analysis. For this research, there are no real weakness to these theories. It can be used as a focal point for a number of newer researches.
To conclude, in this analysis there is effective comprehension of the two theories. From this it can be eluded that the language tree and divergence can be comprehended from this analysis. Using these findings, the roots of the language development and nuances of language development can be understood in this analysis.
Chimpanzees use the medium of gestures to communicate with each other. Some of the gestures are relatively inflexible displays that are based on the particular environmental events. Based on this the origins of the language in the humans can be comprehended. The gestures in these cases are a pattern of learned behavior. The use of flexibility which is used as a single gesture is used for the multiple communicative ends. These are served by the use of multiple gestures. The important of gestures are discussed in these analogies.
The areas of strength of this research are that it points to the important analogies that are related to the development of gestures and languages. A are important theories that can be derived from this analogy. This is an important theory that must be considered in the ways in which there is language formation.
However, the limitation of this model is that it is focused on the ways by which animals choose to communicate. There are more factors that can be applied in the cases of people and more social and financial variables contribute towards the language development. There are social structures and innate cultural upbringing that needs to be considered in this paradigm.
Hence the roots of the language formation and the importance of conditionality can be comprehended from this analysis. In the case of humans many more variables must be factored in before making a choice. These are the important factors that must be factored into this paradigm.