Not all activities in the unit are about fluency and communication, structure is given equal importance here, although not focused only on grammar. For instance, consider how structure analysis is introduced in Unit 2 on leadership behavior on p.26. Working with a partner, the students would get to compare and contrast their work and hence they would also have a chance to point out each other’s mistakes with respect to form and function. To a certain extent it does appear that the work has not given much emphasis to grammar in writing tasks.
For instance, in the same work page, a small box emphasizing to the readers to check their grammar in writing or assess one another when working with a partner would have been helpful. These additions would be discussed in detail in Part 2 of this paper. The objectives of each of the lessons in this unit is placed at the beginning. A proper unit description is given where the course content and its organizational structure are presented. The form of skills that would be targeted for in the student is presented. For instance, for the Unit 2, the skills being targeted for the student are with respect to their recognizing multiple organizational patterns, recognizing relationships in ideas of a text, understanding the organization of information and the presentation of relationships among ideas etc.
In addition to presenting the skills being targeted, the unit front page also includes some core requirements that student could look up to connect with the course better. The language use is more academic in sense and does not make use of jargons that could be confusing to the student. For the lessons, there are some key words that student have to look up in a dictionary and these words are highlighted and presented in small boxes on a side of the page, as in the case of page 28 where word meaning for divulge, founding, and more are presented. Thus the language is targeted at the student who wants to gain proficiency in the language.Some activities require the student to work with passages. When students work with passages they are allowed to work as teams and this would be helpful for the student as it would enable them to work on difficult words and paraphrasing with more ease.