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Rules and regulations governing this charter agreement between Moore steel and YSL are FIATA’s Negotiable Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading. Bill of lading has three distinct functions. They serve as evidence of the contractual agreement between the two parties involved. In the court of law, they are considered to be a receipt of the contract. They also serve as title to the document. Pursuant to this Hague Visy by rules of contractual terms apply to this bill of lading. Hague rules apply to the contract because there was no explicit mention of not wanting to follow Hague rules.
Moore steel is the party that shows how their interest will be affected by this damage incurred. Owing to this clause, it will be considered that they are the cargo interest. Singapore Company had faced the brunt of this issue. Hence they are considered to be the consignee. According to the bill of lading, YSL the ship owner has certain mandatory obligations that they need to meet to ensure that the products are delivered as per the requirement. YSL becomes the controlling party right from the point of collecting the merchandise or freight to the point of delivery of the product to the shipper. Bill of lading becomes the receipt and a document title between Moore steel and YSL whenever conflict arises. In the cases where a negotiable bill of lading has been used, it converts over to new consignee. Due to this, the legal status of the bill of lading changes in English Law.
Actual bill of lading regarding the quality of products needs to be analyzed to comprehend the amount of damages incurred by the company. If the shipper damaged the product, YSL will not be held liable. Nevertheless, if they had damaged the product, they would be held responsible. Quality of the product and characteristics of the product has been clearly mentioned in the bill of lading. Based on the bill of lading, judgment for the case will be delivered. Carrier i.e. YSL corporation has the burden of proof to show that the products were not damaged. YSL should have mentioned the quality of products.If it was mentioned that the products were “reserved” it can escape the charges brought onto them. If they had not mentioned and had accepted the product to be of good quality, YSL owes the shipper and the consignee remedies.


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