Initiating from the middle years of the 1980s with the titles of euphemistic nature such as the youth contest charms and flowers of nation contest, the contests of the beauty were labeled for their nature of work. Even though new tolerance had been emerging as the nation continually becomes open and wider to the globe, the beauty contents activities were looked down by the society within China at earlier times. The beauty contests among the common people of China has emerged from the circle of prostitution.
There was a flower board that was responsible for the prostitutes’ evaluation dating back to the period of Xining (1068-77), North Song Dynasty (960-1127). Presently in Bianjing, the practice dates back to numerous hundred years prior to the World Pageant of the Western world. The beauty contests were strongly banned during the era of Mao wherein the appearance of de-gendered nature and the women behavior were cherished. From the end of 1980s, in certain major cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the beauty contests were being held.
The people however were merely taking names of the image ambassadors’ selection and the contests of modeling in an attempt of avoiding the pageant word. The activity suppression of long term still continued majority of the Chinese contests to take place discreetly. However, in the year of 1989, a Beauty in Flower City was hosted with the advertisement of new star competition in the city of Guangzhou. The initial pageant took place in the China. The beauty contests were held across several major cities with different names like Miss Model and New Silk Road Beauty and these contests were locally broadcasted.