essay 代写:英国和美国的外交立场

essay 代写:英国和美国的外交立场








essay 代写:英国和美国的外交立场




essay 代写:英国和美国的外交立场

Research aims and objectives

The aim of this research is to understand the diplomatic position of the Britain and the influences of the American political views regarding this situation.

The objectives of this research are

Impact of Yoshida letter in Britain and America. There will be focus on how the relationships existing during this time period.

Timeline of events from Yoshida letter to the Tokyo Taipei contract will be analyzed.

Dialogues that had occurred during the Eden and Dulles, Acheson and Bevin during this period will be probed.

There will be efforts taken to explain the Pact and Dispute. The dynamics between Japan and China can be construed from the efforts.

essay 代写:英国和美国的外交立场


To understand the relevance of the Yoshida letter dispute, Korean War impact and Taiwan Taipei contract it is important to divulge into the relationship between United States and United Kingdom. For this purpose, several primary sources such as the actual Yoshida letter dispute, the San Francisco conference minutes and the Korean war chronicles has been used. To understand the perspective of the nations the newspapers that were used during this time has also been considered. There has been chronicling of events of the various issues in contention.

Apart from this, several secondary sources from Journals and books has been used. In this, there is historian analysis of the events that had occurred in the nation. For example, while discussing about the chronicle of events the newspapers, books and historian perspective have been added. To explain about the Yoshida, letter the actual letter and the words of Yoshida was discussed along with circumstances in which he had to write the letter. The British and the American perspective of the issues were also discussed.