可口可乐(Coca Cola Inc.)、强生(Johnson & Johnson Inc.)、星巴克(Starbucks Corporation)、麦当劳(McDonald ‘s Corp.)和耐克(Nike Inc.)等公司现在已经成为每个人生活的一部分。同样的情况也可以从他们大量的在线跟帖中看出(图1)。

图1。知名品牌的社会影响力。(资料来源:Thita Tun, (2015))

这些数据促使其他公司利用社交媒体的可能性。比如麦当劳通过社交媒体发起的“问答活动”,与人们互动,回答他们对餐厅食物的担忧(Thita Tun, 2015)。


The most fascinating technological development of our times is the development of social media platform. The hallmark of this new digital world is undoubtedly Face book. As in Dec 2015, the company has declared number of its monthly active users to be over 1.59 billion. The sheer number of social media users today encompasses a huge marketing potential for any company. The business world is making the most of it. It was never easier to reach so many people with such a less investment. With the right kind of marketing strategies, the companies are able to make their mark among the potential customers. From marketing to interacting and also even launching of new products are now being done using social media site. The most successful companies today have started encompassing the social media in their organizational structure.

Communicating with potential customers

The companies like Coca Cola Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Inc., Starbucks Corporation, McDonald’s Corp. and Nike Inc. are now part of everyone’s lives. The same can be seen in their massive online following (Fig.1.)

Fig.1. Social Presence of known Brand Names. (Source: Thita Tun, (2015))

These data motivates other companies to exploit the possibilities of social media. Like McDonald’s initiative called ‘Q&A Campaign’ through social media, to interact with people and answer their concerns regarding food served at their restaurants (Thita Tun, 2015).