1. 介绍

英国的大学明白语言技能与学科知识和技术专长同样重要。这所大学试图创造一种衡量标准,使学生能够发展在新环境中生存的技能。来自台湾等国家的学生没有把英语作为主要的交流媒介。当他们想要在英国学习时,他们需要对这个学科有一些基本的工作知识。由于这个原因,已经制定了标准化考试来了解外国学生的技能。雅思(International English Language Testing System,简称IELTS)是一种被大学用来评估学生所需要的语言能力的考试(Demetriou, 2016)。最近人们注意到,大学对这些考试给予了过分的重视。当一个特定的测试被给予如此多的重要性时,应该进行分析来测试测试的有效性。关于这些测试,社会上存在着不同的意见(Demetriou, 2016)。对这门学科有基本知识的外国学生,在实际生活在讲英语的国家(如英国)时,似乎面临着许多与语言相关的问题。

研究基本上可以分为两部分。我们将对雅思高分的影响及其在英语国家的相关性进行初步分析。本研究将详细分析各大学考虑这一分数并重视这一语言测试方法的原因。从这一分析中,我们可以基本地获得所呈现的差距(Demetriou, 2016)。从这一点出发,我们将解读台湾学生在英语国家中如何发展语言技能(Demetriou, 2016)。本文将分析如何提高学生的自信心,以及如何使他们符合英国现有的文化范式。

将使用的研究方法是混合方法研究。采用一级研究和二级研究方法。文献综述将进行初步探讨(Demetriou, 2016)。在此基础上,确定适合本研究问题的研究方法。所有伦理考虑,如个人偏见和参与者的同意,都将得到处理和防止。本研究将采取合理的措施减少个人偏见。


IELTS Speaking and Listening Scores and Taiwanese Student’s Ability to Interact in English Speaking Higher Education Environment

1. Introduction

Universities in Great Britain understand that linguistic skills are as important as the subject knowledge and technical expertise. The university has tried to create metric that would enable the student to develop skills to survive in a newer environment. Students from the nations such as Taiwan do not have English as the main medium of communication. When they wish to study in the UK, they need to have some fundamental working knowledge of the subject. Owing to this, there has been the formulation of standardized tests to understand the skills of the foreign student. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one test that has been used by the Universities to estimate the linguistic proficiency that the student requires (Demetriou, 2016). It has been observed in the recent times that there has been undue importance given by the universities to these tests. When so much of importance has been given to a particular test, there should be analysis done to test the efficacy of the tests. There has been mixed opinion in the society regarding these tests (Demetriou, 2016). The foreign students who have basic knowledge about the subject seem to face a number of language related issues when they are actually living in an English speaking country such as the Great Britain.

The research can be fundamentally divided into two parts. There will be an initial analysis on the impact of high score in IELTS and its relevance in an English speaking country. The reasons for the universities to consider the score and give importance to this methodology of linguistic testing will be done in detail. From this analysis, there will be basic garnering of the gaps that are presented (Demetriou, 2016). From this, the ways to develop the linguistic skills of the Taiwanese students in an English speaking nation will be deciphered (Demetriou, 2016). The ways to improve the confidence of the students and the way they should conform to the existing culture paradigm of Britain will be analysed.

The research methodology that would be used is a mixed method research. Primary research and secondary research method will be used. There will be initial probing of the literature review (Demetriou, 2016). Based on this, research method that is appropriate for this research question will be determined. All ethical considerations such as personal bias and consent of the participants will be addressed and prevented. Reasonable efforts to reduce personal bias will be done in this research.