本文主要讲的是防火墙的研究,在Albert et al.(2007)的研究中,研究人员已经证明存在漏洞。他们进行了一个实验,以评估和模拟Linux内核的防火墙,重点关注由错误和违反产生的安全性所导致的安全漏洞。Albert等人(2005)的研究表明,可以使用DNS进行重新绑定。这种重新绑定可以帮助绕过防火墙和破坏web。他们还建议使用一种称为dns墙的单独工具来防止绕过防火墙。本篇代做assignment文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

In Albert et al. (2007) study it has been proven by researchers that there are vulnerabilities existing. They conducted an experiment to evaluate and model firewalls with Linux Kernel with focus over the security vulnerabilities caused by error and violations of resulting security. In the study by Albert et al. (2005), it has been shown that use of DNS can be done to rebind. This rebinding can help in circumventing the firewalls and disrupting the web. They further had proposed the utilization of an individual tool known as the dns wall for combating circumvent of firewalls.
In brief, it can be said that there is a gap in literature research in the sense that no studies previously have been done to show a comprehensive analytical procedure over the influence of firewalls on the performance of networks. There exist basically two kinds of attacks under DDoS. The first type is the bandwidth depletion attack. It has been designed for flooding the network of the victim with traffic of unwanted nature which results in preventing the traffic of legitimate nature to go into primary systems of the victim. These attacks furthermore are of 2 key types (Jang et al. 110-122).
First one is the attack through flooding which includes the secondary systems of victim to send major traffic volume to a system of victim. It will congest, eventually the bandwidth of the system of the victim. The second one is the attack through amplification which is inclusive either of the attacker or the system of the victim for sending messages to an IP address through broadcasting it (Kaur et al. 200-204). This will eventually result in causing every system within the subnet to be explored through the address being broadcasted for sending a message to the system of the victim.




Here, the company that has been selected for the discussion is Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is an international brand well-recognized for pizza and other side dishes. This company holds more than 6,000 pizza Hut outlet in the country. This company employs digital marketing in true sense; it is obvious that being such big brand it is not possible to use traditional marketing process as the company will not able to connect with each consumers of their different located restaurant. For associating with every customer and for giving complete details of their menu, the company has to be excellent in the use of digital media. The company even utilize online services for providing their product to more of the customers in the country.
Here, in this report the analysis has been done over the company and how it uses the digital marketing system in their business and also to recommend how they can enhance their business by developing their digital marketing strategy. The analysis will also discuss about the different strategies which can influence the customers. Different consumer theories that can be employed by the company and how the company uses mobile opportunities to reach each person have also been assessed in the report. The mobile opportunity helps company to inform them regarding their products and new launches and varieties for the product.
For maintaining their relations with customers along with for promoting their products among more consumers, the company has applied certain platforms in digital marketing those platforms are discussed in the assignment to make the learner understand how they can enhance the digital marketing. In the report there is a section where the different steps that the company can follow for enhancing the digital marketing are discussed. Different theories like consumer behaviour theory, Theories of Social Status etc are discussed. Then the report also deals with the analysis of position of Pizza hut against their primary competition. This analysis finds out that the company possess direct as well as substitute competitors. After analyzing all this, there are certain recommendations that have been provided for the company to enhance their performance so that they can compete with their rivals.


本文主要讲的是艺术运动,在这些艺术形式中有新的表现元素。艺术家们用这种艺术来挑战每一个事件的社会规则。这种艺术形式的表达是真正独特的,它已经被赋予了与其他立方体的艺术融合的重要性。在这幅作品中可以观察到很多现代主义的诠释。这创造了一种允许人们从极简设计中形成自己的主观解释的情况。有许多因素使它适用于各种应用艺术。它被用于许多媒介来表达各种艺术形式(Munjeri, 2004)。本篇论文代写价格文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

There are new elements of expressions in these art forms. The artists have used this art to challenge the societal conformities regarding each of the events. The expression of this art form is truly unique and it there has been importance given to blending of this art with the other cubes. There are a lot of modernist interpretations that can be observed in this artwork. This creates a situation where people are allowed to form their own subjective interpretation from the minimalistic designs. There are number of elements that make it applicable in various applied arts. It is used in a number of mediums to express the various art forms (Munjeri, 2004).
From observational analysis it has been seen that the artistic movements generally has cycles where it reaches maximum popularity and wanes eventually (Janson & Janson, 2001). But these pixel arts forms have always prevailed directly or indirectly in the societies. The reasons for this prevalence are that romanticism and Abstractionism are combined in these art forms. It has transcended into applied arts and also enabled in creation of new mediums. This is the reason for this pixel art to gain prominence.
Traditional pixel art was seen been in utilized in many mediums. Primary homogenous geometric structures create visual imageries that were found to be prevalent in some aspects of modern art. In 1980 there was a resurgence of these art forms owing to the use in video game technology. Subsequence perceptive viewing technology had enabled people to switch over to new technology.





Further, there will be study upon the role which may be played by the soft-culture, In addition to this,, it is also important to study that what will be the impact of the mutual image and in the enhancement of the mutual knowledge and understanding between different nations. Though, some of the people may regard the soft-culture of Korea as a world of fantasy and something which does not have a great impact on the world. By the study of the theoretical background in this research, it is important to understand that how the Korean Wave has been successful in creation of a soft power in Korea. Further, there has been an example related to the soft power in Korea.
Korean wave can be used by Korea to exploit its soft power resource in an efficient manner. The soft power can be used and applied to the soft resource of the nation. In this research paper, the definition of soft power has been explained. In addition to this, the implication of the Korean wave as a soft power has been provided. The importance of the pop culture and its attraction among the people belonging to different nations has been discussed. There has been an analysis of the economic conditions of Korea after the rise of Korean wave and how it has led to the betterment of the Korean nation. Further, there has been a discussion on how can the Korean wave has been beneficial for the economy of the nation. From the research, it can be concluded that Korean wave has led to a great economic benefit for Korea. It is because of the Korean wave that the nation has gained a lot of respect and popularity in the entire world. In addition to this, the Korean wave has also contributed in the effective utilization of the soft-power resources of Korea and has increased its impact as a major soft power in the world.



本文主要講的是文化多樣性及管理問題,在不同的企業功能和關係中,包括性別、文化、區域文化、年齡、種族、性取向、教育以及心理和身體能力等方面,有幾個多樣性維度可能更有意義(Stewart, 2015)。在現代的工作場所或企業中,多樣性是一個現實,並在全球範圍內持續存在。多樣性不是一個問題,但管理多樣性是一個關鍵問題(Seymen, 2015)。本篇代寫essay文章由美國論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

There are several diversity dimensions which might have more significance in distinct functions of businesses as well as relationships inclusive of gender, culture, culture regionally, age, ethnicities, orientation sexually, education as well as mental and physical capabilities (Stewart, 2015).
In the modern contemporary workplaces or businesses, diversity is a reality and persists across the globe. Diversity is not an issue but managing diversity is a key problem (Seymen, 2015). Workforce cultural diversity can present certain disadvantages for a company but when managed appropriately, it can result in yielding various benefits such as employee development and potential organizations, customer service improvement and growth in business as well as enhancing problem solving and creativity.
Therefore, cultural diversity and its management issue comes with two key issues inclusive of management of knowledge and management of people. To have the ability of optimizing the modern workforce positive outcomes, IT based best practices are preferable (Silverman, 2012). Use of appropriate best practices and IT in conjunction to it can help in breaking down challenges and promoting knowledge sharing as well as understanding between employees of distinct backgrounds when speaking in terms of language and therefore leads towards collaboration of successful nature (Ferraro et al., 2015). The literature review therefore will also focus over the best practices to be of use when dealing with this contemporary issue.