Cultural memory has been the subject of discussion of various research studies. How cultural memories come into being and how people make use of these memories in their lives is what has been dealt in those studies. Photographs form an important part of cultural memory and also act as important medium for realizing the social as well as cultural perspectives of different memories. A very significant exhibition in this regard is “The Family Camera” put up by the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. This study contains an account of the exhibition, a personal interpretation of the same and an analysis of the way photographs affect lives of the people.
Family photographs can reflect the sense of identity and the experience of migration of an individual. Keeping this in mind, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has organized an original exhibition named “The family camera” from 6th May 2007 to 29th October 2007. The introducing exhibition of 2007 organized by ROM is “the Family Camera”. The 150th year’s celebration of Royal Ontario Museum includes “the family camera” exhibition which plays a significant role in the analysis of the relationship of migration and the family photography. To re-establish the link between the members of the family, it is also significant. The major factors like political, environmental, and technological and the social are considered under “The Family Camera” exhibition of ROM (Dixon 2014). Through this exhibition, it is also known that how the family photographs shape the mind, history, community, nation and the emotion of the common human. According to the opinion of the Dan Mishra Curator of South Asian Art and Culture, ROM, Dr. Deepali Dewan, this “The Family Camera” exhibition inspires the visitors to think about the reflection of their past which is related to the family photographs of them. It also suggests the visitors that they should change their way of thinking concerning their family. “The Family Camera network” consists of total six partner institutions that are attached to this project. According to the “Humanity Research Council of Canada”, the social science of Canada always supports this multi-year research projects. According to the curatorial presentation, “The Family Camera” exhibition at ROM’s Roloff Beny Gallery can highlight the discovery of the new thinking concerning the public emotional engagement regarding the family photographs.
As per the ministry of tourism, this exhibition of ROM shows the innovative ways of thinking about the family. The exhibition “The Family Camera” plays a major role to highlight the diversity of the community and ensures the artistic and the cultural practices that depends on the future generations. The exploration of the idea about the photography and the relation between the family members in the exhibition plays a vital role.