本文主要讲的是知识共享,知识共享是影响企业服务绩效的重要因素。基于这些问题的实质性研究很少。研究发现,团队文化是维持和调节知识共享与公司服务创新绩效关系的重要方面(Hu, Horng & Sun, 2009)。该研究对621名国际旅游酒店的员工进行了调查。本研究认为,员工考虑职业发展最重要的因素是确保有知识共享行为,这是公司团队文化的一部分(Qiu et al., 2015)。本篇peaking代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Knowledge sharing is attributed to be an important influence on the service performance of the company. There is little substantive research that is developed based on these issues. The study is found to support that the team culture is an important aspect in maintaining and moderating the relationship between the knowledge sharing and the service innovation performance of the company (Hu, Horng & Sun, 2009). The research was undertaken on 621 employees in the international tourist hotels. It was deemed in this research that the most important factor for the employees to consider career development is to ensure that there is a knowledge sharing behavior which is a part of the team culture of the company (Qiu et al., 2015).
There are a number of researches that have been undertaken to understand the nuances of the service sector and employee morale. However, there will always be a gap as there is changing modalities observed in terms of consumer requirements, changes in political spectrum, financial ability and the employee requirements (Kim, Im & Hwang, 2015). The company needs to understand the employee requirements in order to improve customer care. These are imperative factors that must be considered if a hotel wants to sustain in the current times. There must be appropriate research method or tools that need to be considered in this paradigm.
The research method that will be considered for this analysis is the questionnaire survey method. Many of the qualitative studies are found to have diversity in views and certain cognitions that are related to the behavior of the people. Many of the studies in qualitative research are found to be undefined (Smith, 2015). It can be an inviable tool in the determination of the most appropriate variables. It can be an important tool in understanding of the general trends.