It is found that the teachers properly need to manage their classrooms and create a scheme where they will be able to incorporate different and unique teaching ideologies. This is to create a learning environment that would foster the development each student. It is imperative and mandatory for the teacher to encourage students to perform at their best level and a system to make the learning process interesting. Furthermore, it would create a motivational system within the classroom. It is important to factor that a critical analysis of the activities is undertaken. The students must comprehend that the work they are learning is an effective tool which would help in the business and in the other nations.
The innate importance of learning this language needs to be comprehended. Each student must take efforts in order to learn the language better in the future. It is vital for the teachers to ensure that this learning effort continues well after the classroom discussion is over. It is important to understand the importance of the academic tasks and innate effort that are required to motivate students to perform their best in the classroom. The implication of Piaget theory for the cognitive development of the child enables in the fostering of these ideology. Some of the tenets of Piaget theory of learning were used in this schema. These tenets were used in the classroom.
In this system, efforts taken to carefully assess the stage in which the child’s cognitive development has been formed. They were assigned tasks based on the level of preparation of the child. The child was given tasks that needed to be tailored to the level of development of the child and in the motivation of the child.
Teachers need to provide to the children with differential learning opportunities that are done to enable them to grow in each of the developmental stage. This needs to be achieved by creating a system that is on the basis of disequilibrium. The teachers must strike a balance between the learning and enabling them to perform at their optimal levels. They also must finish the curriculum that is design.
Teachers must be focused on the process that is used for the learning. They must not ruminate on the end product. To elucidate with an example, the teacher must allot time to observe the ways in which a child manipulates the interact with external environment. This must be given importance rather than focussing on the ways in which they connect with the students.