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美国论文通 ASSIGNMENT PASS - 论文代写以独特的美国论文代写.美国essay代写和assignment代写专业服务理念,尝试创新的代写形式赢得了美国留学生的口碑.我们代写团队对于代写论文采取多样化的手段.做到了代写论文的原创性和对论文抄袭的杜绝.






解决社会问题和环境挑战:公司致力于通过主动解决环境问题和挑战为社会做出贡献。这些挑战包括碳排放、满足食品和能源需求、与城市化相关的社会影响、人口老龄化、与数字鸿沟、网络攻击和犯罪相关的问题(Kobayashi et al., 2014)。

劳动力发展:这是可持续发展报告强调的一个方面。与员工及其在实现公司业务目标中的作用有关的问题。在加强女性员工的作用,传授领导力技能的培训和增加对劳动力多样性的接受方面采取了主动(Molla, 2013)。


It is very important for the companies to prepare the sustainability report and corporate social responsibilities. This report has been prepared to analyse the sustainability report of Fujitsu and bring out the key aspects that have been included. Fujitsu is operating in the ICT sector and provides hardware and software solutions for its clients for implementing the business processes.

Fujitsu has been preparing the sustainability report that is quite different from the global reporting initiatives G4 guidelines. The sustainability reporting of the company is focussed around the impact of ICT on environment and how to mitigate the effect. The sustainability report of the company has been analysed. It includes the corporate social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives by the company. The primary concerns highlighted in the sustainability report which are social issues, environmental challenges and workforce development. Apart from this the risk management, corporate governance and compliance issues have also been included in the sustainability report. A brief on these aspects has been provided below.


Solving social issues and environmental challenges: The company has focussed on contributing to the society by taking initiatives for addressing the environmental challenges and issues. These challenges include carbon emissions, meeting food and energy demand, social impact related to urbanization, aging population, issues related to digital divide and cyber attacks and crime (Kobayashi et al., 2014).

Workforce Development: It has been one of the aspects that have been highlighted in the sustainability report. The issues related to workforce and its role in achieving the business targets of the company. There are initiatives taken for enhancing the role of female employees, imparting training for development of leadership skills and increasing the acceptance of for the diversity in the workforce (Molla, 2013).

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