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苹果公司(Apple Inc.)在各个领域的多个市场都有业务,并在其业务所在的地理位置拥有一个小众消费者基础。公司现有员工115000余人。它拥有一个有效的供应链和物流管理系统(Harris, 2014)。这份报告的目的是调查各种潜在的因素,使公司的增长和阻碍进展的问题。在此基础上对实际管理策略和计划实施进行了批判性评价,并在理论模型的基础上提出了可能的解决方案。




它专注于将经典的垂直整合带回供应链管理。苹果被认为在其供应链运营中拥有最有效的垂直整合战略之一。垂直整合是制造商控制或试图控制生产和销售实践的所有方面的过程。苹果公司(Apple Inc.)被认为拥有优越的垂直整合政策。然而,这种纵向一体化政策仍然存在一些固有的问题(Wu, 2014)。它助长了更多的官僚主义,造成了一种不灵活的局面。这也会增加供应商的成本。在垂直整合的情况下,生产成本较高(Wu, 2014)。以苹果公司为例,这些成本实际上是由终端消费者承担的。这也是苹果产品价格高的原因之一。这种垂直整合战略的潜在好处是,它为苹果产品创造了高质量的形象,但也错过了许多地理区域的关键目标人口统计学(Brown et al., 2013)。在偏离垂直整合政策的情况下,公司需要注意的问题是确保知识产权、逆向工程和质量控制(Costantino et al., 2014)。


Apple Inc. is a multinational company that specializes in production of consumer electronics, software and is involved in providing the consumers with a number of value added services. It has many strategic operations and functions that are successful. This has enabled the company to succeed. Some of the issues of the company are in its vertical integration policy, internal stakeholder management, consumer lock in and reduced product diversification policy. The company should address these issues by using a balanced scorecard approach.


Apple Inc. operates in a number of markets across the spectrum and has a niche consumer base in the geographical locations where they operate. It employs more than 115000 employees. It has an effective supply chain and logistics management system (Harris, 2014). The purpose of this report is to look into various underlying factors that have enabled growth for the company and issues that hinder progress. Actual managing strategy and implementation of plan has been critically evaluated from this probable solutions have been recommended based on theoretical models.

Current Strategic Management in Apple Company

Management issues in Apple

Vertical Integration issue

It has focused on bringing back classical vertical ertical integration its supply chain management. Apple is credited with having one of the most efficient vertical integration strategies in its supply chain operations. Vertical integration is the process where the manufacturer controls or tries to control all aspects of the production and selling practices. Apple Inc. is credited to having a superior vertical integration policy. Nevertheless there are some inherent issues that remain in this vertical integration policy (Wu, 2014). It fosters more bureaucracy and creates a situation that is not flexible. It can also increase the cost of suppliers. Cost of production is high in cases of vertical integration (Wu, 2014). These costs are actually borne by the end consumers in the case of Apple Company. This is also one of the reasons for high prices of Apple products. Potential benefit of this vertical integration strategy is that it has created a persona of high quality for Apple products nevertheless also misses out on key target demography in many geographical areas (Brown et al., 2013). Issues that the company needs to watch out in cases of deviating from its vertical integration policy are ensuring intellectual property, reverse engineering and quality control (Costantino et al., 2014).

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