resume 代写:舞蹈的形式

resume 代写:舞蹈的形式

说到舞蹈,一些舞蹈形式如芭蕾舞演员占据了舞台的中心。然而,还有更多与特定文化相关的文化舞蹈等着其他文化去发现。文化舞蹈是文明的重要组成部分,它反映了文化的历史和背景。他们是一种语言,在某种程度上连接着具有相似文化的人们。这里讨论的是印度文化舞蹈Bharatanatyam或Bharata Natyam。印度电影风格的舞蹈倾向于嘻哈舞和现代舞的结合。这也是为什么中国独特的古典和民间舞蹈在国际社会往往得不到那么多的认可。印度古典文化舞蹈有八种不同的风格,Bharatanatyam只是其中之一。这八种风格包括卡塔克、巴拉塔纳季姆、库奇皮迪、奥迪西、莫希尼亚塔姆、萨特里亚、曼尼普里和卡塔卡利。每一种舞蹈都是与之相关的印度地区宗教、文化和社会结构的一部分。许多民间舞蹈实际上是来自印度宗教书籍的代表。





resume 代写:舞蹈的形式

When it comes to dancing, some dance forms such as ballerina are seen to occupy the center stage. However, there are more cultural dances associated with people specific cultures waiting to be discovered by other cultures. Cultural dances are important for civilizations as they present the history and background of the culture. They are a kind of language in some ways that connects people of similar culture. The Indian cultural dance of Bharatanatyam or Bharata Natyam is considered for discussion here. Indian movie style dances lean towards a combination of hip hop dancing and social dances which are more contemporary. This is also a reason why the distinct classical and folk dances of the country often do not get that much recognition in the international society. There are eight distinct styles of Indian classical cultural dances and Bharatanatyam is just one among them. The eight styles include Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipidi, Odissi, Mohiniattam, Sattriya, Manipuri, and Kathakali. Each of these dances is part of the religious, cultural and social setup of the region of India that it is associated with. Many of the folk dances are in fact representations from Indian religious books.

Bharatanatyam: History and Background

Technique and Form


Expressive movements convey meaning and show emotion, through a vocabulary of hand gestures, postures, and facial expressions. Their purpose is to portray a theme or feeling to the audience. Bharatanatyam movements are often argued to be static in their geometric positioning. However, the dance movements are dynamic (Iyengar). The squat position ensures that the dancers and their movements are balanced and at the same time the mudras, the hand, face and leg positions present different characteristic energetic movements. There is a rhythmic stamping of the foot, jumps and pirouettes. One of the most notable feature of Bharatanatyam are the eye and the face movements. The movement of the eyes complements the story that is narrated in dance (Iyengar).