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本文主要讲加重旅游发展策略,为了确保这些公司能够吸引更多的游客,当地社区的互动是必要的。为了使当地社区的利益,公司应该确保他们坚持生态旅游,不受游客涌入的影响(Weaver, 2011)。必须采取适当的绿色管理策略,大力发展生态旅游。这将使游客和当地人感到这些公司真正关心环境。他们可以发展与地方的情感联系(Abodeeb et al., 2015)。除了解决财政问题外,还必须向人们展示他们必须关心环境的努力。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

To ensure that the companies can bring in more tourists into the areas, local community interaction is needed. To bring in the interest of the local community, companies should ensure that they adhere to the ecotourism and that the place is not impacted by the influx of tourist (Weaver, 2011). There must be appropriate green management strategies and increase in the eco-tourism. This would create the situation where the tourists and the local people would feel that the companies genuinely care for the environment. They can develop an emotional connect with the place (Abodeeb et al., 2015). More than addressing the financial issues there must be showcasing of efforts where people are shown that they must care for the environment.
These are the important factors that should be correlated to in order to ensure that people feel connected in this paradigm. This is an added important strategy that must be implemented along with the quality of the service rendering by the companies. In the factor of monitoring and controlling of the people one important factor is the development of the risk management schema (Catlin et al., 2010). These are discussed in the following section.
An analysis of the plausible risks might arise from this process. The factors of the community members along with the external factors that must connected in this paradigm. The most impacted group would be people who are currently employed in the service sector and the local economy. The opposite end of this spectrum is the tourists and the overall economy of the place. People need to be assured that they are genuinely taken care of by the stakeholders. The factoring in of the financial metrics only and this would lead to the gap identification. There should cash flow and also take efforts to ensure that the environment is not impacted by the increase in the tourists who visit the place.


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