本文講述的是團隊創建的關鍵指標,重點照明已經由價值流完成,需要改進的地方。然而,團隊擁有關於實際度量系統的知識,這是開發以完全掌握性能所需要的。團隊已經發現了一種在內部稱為PRTS(問題解決跟踪系統)的系統,該系統已經在整個組織中用於記錄車輛整個生命週期中的所有問題。 PRTS小組的工作是開發Red X的應用程序,它已經開始生成完成性能分析和跟踪項目所需的數據。本篇assignment代寫文章由美國論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The spotlighting has been done by the value stream, where there is need for improvements. However, the team has the knowledge about the system of actual measurement that is needed for developing to fully grasp performance. There has been discovery by the team regarding a readily available and accessible system called internally as PRTS (Problem Resolution Tracking System) that has been in use across the organization in documenting all issues in entire length of time of the life cycle of the vehicle. The working of the team with the PRTS group is for developing the application of Red X, which has been beginning to generate the needed data in completing the analysis of the performance as well as to track the projects.
The team’s creation of key metrics is inclusive of:
Days in step: The project’s mean number of days where the problem solving steps is completed during the month. The projects related to the real time tracking is provided by it as they have been moving through the system.
Trend of step performance: The project’s performance trend in average has been on the basis of a start date. The performance improvement is shown by the data over time.
Breakpoints of Vehicle identification number (VIN): VIN breakpoint is the representative of the first vehicle that used the latest knowledge to build it from the project of Red X. The VIN breakpoint number is tracked with the representation of Technical Problem Solving Group output that shows actionable information impact being generated in protecting the external customers.
The application of the Red X outputted monthly bar charts and the weekly reports in showing trends related to the resolution time problem. The analysis should be done on the actual performance data making the team determining the improvement efforts focus should be to reduce the time in completing projects and steps overall.