There is reporting of news about the various political nations and the specific impact on the geo political system in this schema. There is a gentle liberalism views that have been probed in the analysis. There are many nuanced implications that are discussed in this website. The specific analysis and opinion that is done in the specific website are that the people are forced to make a choice to believe in Donald Trump and his policy implications to the US-Mexico relationship. It is eluded that Trump is using fear to scare people and creating racist stereotypes about the people. This is probed with the theories in the following.
There are three forms of international relations that have been gaining prominence from 20th century. The implication of realism that is found in the present era is discussed. In this analysis, there is an overt critique of the realism perspective and there is indirect fostering of the liberal perspective that is seen to be evident. However, the development of Cold War has caused the people to question the ideologies of the liberalism. Trump wants to use realism notion that is based on the material coercive power. This coerces power is used as the tool to control the people (Vertovec and Cohen, 2002). It is found to treat the people as the primary unit of the human analysis. There is power that is viewed only in terms of the military. This is considered to be the most important potential danger. The notions of imminent threat are used to magnify the realist agenda. There is discussion of the economic leverage that is considered to be a part of the national strength. The realists use international economics to make analysis of the hegemonic actions. They try to state that the international political agenda and the notions of liberalism are all pure sham that is designed to exploit the people. Liberalism focuses on the ways in which the international politics use the international laws and there is allusion of the globalist theories and nations without borders that are focused (Prokhovnik and Slomp, 2011). There are the notions of constructivism that is focused by the world politics. There is discussion of the state sovereignty and national identity that is focused on the social action. There is discussion of the issues of national pride and American nationalist agenda that is described in these articles. There are many streams of thought that are embedded in this design. These need to be contended. It is evident in this article that the differences between the liberal agenda and the realist agenda are focused.
The aim of this article was to focus on the ways in which the people can relate with the different ideologies. There is a stand that is taken in this article. It discusses about the ways in which the people need to reject ideologies and accept humanity. It asks the people to reject the notion of losing identity and there is promulgation of the national identity that is critiqued in this article. These were the analogies that were made from this article.