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The recruitment contract is the process where the company is able to meet the demands of the situation and identify the appropriate person for the job. This is the reason for them to consider the internal employees. They are aware of the basic culture that is needed for the substance of the job. The external candidates are selected based on how they are closely aligned to the culture of the company.There are many techniques that the companies use in order to connect with the potential new recruit. This form of recruiting ensures that the candidate fits the work environment.This is the pre-selection phase for Solvay.
This is the time of pre-screening where the job profile advertisement is now out and the profile carries the right information for candidates to apply. The CVs of candidate are screened at this stage. Screening will be done with the key required skill sets. Candidates who do not mention safety and security understanding and experiences in their profit will be pushed over to the wait list (Melt Group MG, 2017). The screening does not automatically reject any participant, but it basically pushes them to a wait list. The screened list alone passes to the next phase.
The Phase 2 is the First interview phase. This is where the candidate has an interview with the recruiter and here in the first phase, the voice of the interviewee is heard, and their interest and position are assessed.The Phase 3 is the reporting phase. Here the second screening is done and a report of candidates is prepared. Some personal information, salary expectations and more are compiled as a report.Fourth Phase is the client selection. Here the end selection process is carried out before HR recommendations.Final interview is the fifth phase. This is where an offer is made directly in person, or after a final HR round.


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