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本文主要讲的是文化多样性问题的介绍,本文选择的当代问题是文化多样性管理问题。本文的目的在于确定文化差异对企业的影响方式。首先,文献综述将介绍以前的发现在学术上的本质和对国际商业和文化的想法,以及理解它们在一个商业主题上一致地相互作用的方式(Roth et al., 2010)。为了描述这一点,一个文化多样性管理的商业案例将作为文献综述的一部分。文献综述的范围将进一步在于分析跨文化或文化多样性所涉及的各种问题。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The contemporary issue that has been selected for the purpose of this literature review essay is the issue of cultural diversity management. The objective in the paper lies in determining the way in which the differences in culture impact businesses. First, a literature review will be presented on the essence of previous findings academically and ideas on the international business and culture along with understanding the way in which they consistently interact with one another over a subject of business (Roth et al., 2010). In order to depict this, a business case for cultural diversity management will be developed as a part of literature review. The scope of the literature review will further lie in analysing the various issues that come forward when cross cultural or cultural diversity is concerned with.
The issue of cultural diversity is a subject which has grown in terms of attention not only globally but also across all developing and developed nations of 21st century (Schein, 2014). The economies globalization as well as the migration has enhanced dramatically the opportunity while also influencing organizations in a way that it needs to be much open and should have an accommodating nature towards working environment heterogeneously (Stevens et al., 2011). Many companies, unfortunately do not view the benefits that could be brought by cultural diversity and the way in which properly management diversity culturally can be achieved essentially to gain market based competitive edge (Peretz et al., 2015).
Henceforth, there is less to be depicted with regard to the way in which organizations see and manage a workforce which is culturally diverse particularly in working environments of nations (Caganova et al., 2015). With regard to management of employees and customers being served, diversity implies all of the essential contrasts present between individuals inclusive of differences in perception that require consideration in specific situations. Often the most essential contrasts are less obvious such as the styles of thinking or values and beliefs.


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