essay 評判:福特工人的權益

essay 評判:福特工人的權益




essay 評判:福特工人的權益

過去兩年內被僱傭的人也很高興,因爲他們的工資增長更快了。新的小時費率已從20.39美元每小時改爲20.92美元每小時(Keenan, 2016)。兩年前被僱傭的一名工人表示,他很高興,因爲他認爲工資增長是一個非常重要的因素。他還表示,他想爲新僱傭的員工改變10年的網格。他認爲工會可能會爲改進而更加努力。






essay 評判:福特工人的權益

The investment done by the Ford is around $613 million in Windsor plant. At this plant, 7 liter Essex engine will be prepared. Also the company took a good initiative by agreeing to produce the 6.8 liter engine which had been scheduled for the production by the year 2020. This will not impact the market of Ford as the production will continue for the 6.8 liter engine.

Unifor has been also benefitted with the deal as they will be investment of around $1.6 billion from Fort, Fiat and General Motors as a result of the negotiation. Before the deal was accepted by Ford, the union raised it demand to do the investment so that the production should continue for the coming years in the plant.

The employees who have been newly hired at Oakville stated that there will be change in their pay grid in such a manner that they can easily progress with the help of the hourly wage level as the traditional workers may be getting. They will also earn the benefits and will be have an increase in their wages every year instead of getting their pay frozen for the initial three years.

essay 評判:福特工人的權益

The people who had been hired within the last two years were also happy as they were getting a quicker growth of wage. The new hourly rate has been changed from 20.39 $ per hour to 20.92 $ per hour (Keenan, 2016). One of the workers who had been employed two years back stated his happiness as he considered the wage growth as a very important element. He also stated that he wanted to do the change in the 10 year grid for the newly hired employees. He believed that the union might have fought harder for improvement.

As a reader, I believe that the employees should be satisfied from the wage growth and the returns which they are getting. This deal has been a good endeavor for both Ford and the workers.

There were some employees who opposed the deal. One such employee rode a sport utility vehicle with three of his colleagues to raise a vote against the contract. He stated that the Union should have asked for the higher bonus than what they have been getting.

Another dejection stated by the people was that the Canadian workers will get less amount of bonus in comparison to the U.S. workers. The workers wanted that they get equal wages as comparison to the US workers.


As a reader I understood that there are a number of conditions before signing a deal. Ford accepted the terms and conditions of the workers and accepted the negotiation. This was the good sign which stated that Ford wanted its workers to be benefitted. This move has also secured the life of many workers. Most of the workers are happy as a result of this deal and have expressed their satisfaction for the same. I believe that this deal will bring more security for the workers. It will help in increasing the production of the company.