本文主要讲述的是经济利益集团理论,税收方案是为保护整个行业的小型地方商业组织而设计的。这一理论忽视了公众利益。在托尼•阿博特(Tony Abbott)的领导下,一个联盟组织已经成立,该组织的重点是,如果他们赢得选举,就废除MRRT,因为这将损害该行业的增长和竞争力。在赢得2013年的选举后,废除矿业税的法案于2014年9月2日被提交至议会大厦。关键的估计是,大约225亿美元的税收将在最初的4年内用于执行该税收计划。本篇ps代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The scheme of tax had been designed for the protection of small size local business organizations across the industry. There has been an ignorance of public interest within this theory. An Alliance group had been established under the leadership of Tony Abbott focused on repealing MRRT if they won the election as this would harm the growth and competitiveness of the industry. On winning the elections of 2013, the bill for repealing mining tax was sent to the parliament houses on 2nd September, in the year 2014. The key estimation was that approximately 22.5 billion dollars of revenue will be in collection to execute this scheme of tax within the initial four years.
The key objective was on spending the entire capital for considering the purpose to provide pensions, and to grant cutting of tax to small size enterprises. In this context, it can be stated that the government is allowing decision making of politics in concern with the industry for being done across the industry, rather than on individual basis. However, the key implication is that there might be a reduction of money, energy and time. There has been an involvement of the industry in the decision making of the government over economic factors affecting the entire industry. The decision of the government further is related with utilizing representative groups for the regulation of the industry and the economy-based activities across the nation might be favourable for some groups in comparison with the other.
Also it is evident that there is an absence of predictability among politicians as they have been putting up regulations for perceiving their own personal interests. Each and every cost of production may be involving specific variations in different geographical locations. The government has probably considered the main fact that the producers may be benefiting from an easy regulation of activities faster in comparison with the key consumer. Also the overall idea related to cross subsidization has been considered by the government. The concerned industries will gain benefits, if there are regulations and rules. Hence, based on this, it can be stated that Economic Interest Group Theory can be used for considering this decisionry.