本文主要讲的是股票期权,从长期来看,股票期权是最普遍的薪酬形式。股票期权授予持有者购买特定股票号码的期权(Tavassoli et al., 2014)。这里不涉及绩效,而是由市场决定薪酬。因此,这似乎是一个更好的选择。这可能不会激励ceo们,因为他们的薪酬取决于市场的不确定性,但仍然会让高管们感到不安,他们也会感到各种形式的否定。本篇加拿大essay代写文章由美国论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Stock option is the most prevalent form of compensation in the long term. The option of stock grants holders with the option of purchasing a particular share number (Tavassoli et al., 2014). Here performance is not involved rather the pay determination depends on the market. Therefore, this seems to be a better choice. It might not motivate the CEOs much because their pay is dependent over uncertainties in the market but still it makes the executives feel upset and they also feel negated in various forms.
The executive pay has most sensitivity to benchmarks in the industry or markets when these benchmarks are higher (Van der Linden et al., 2015). This has consistency with the notion that essential executive compensation aspects are not selected as part of performance, but performance is often side-lined. Therefore, what should be focused upon is ensuring that there are several key insights given when analysing performance based pay in light of executive pay setting.
There is no doubt that pay for performance is an essential component for good management. The notion that what type of pay for what type of performance becomes very complicated in all situations (Zou et al., 2015). This suggests a practice in requirement for further examination. When taken from a general perspective, employees favour schemes that are designed for rewarding their performance in the long term and short term. These schemes for them motivate retention, understand special requirements of an organization, have basis over achieving objectives financially and non-financially and in turn create shareholder value (Larkin et al., 2012).
However, there is a sense that there is inadequacy in perception of directors in board related to what constitutes enterprise value creation. There are several challenges of performance based pay involved and these are discussed in the essay in the most prominent sense. What is essential is to focus upon understanding the way in which the challenges can be dealt with. It becomes essential for companies, to, therefore, find out whether pay for performance is good for them or not. If it is good, they need to ensure that its practical implementation will be as per the requirement.


論文 代寫 價格-協作解決問題的要素

本文主要講協作解決問題的要素,協作解決問題的第三個要素是,當兩個或兩個以上的個體為了闡明新知識而相互作用時,就會發生協作。在線知識社區存在於互聯網上,以協作的方式促進問題的解決(Burgess and Green, 2013)。因此,用戶生成的信息成為相關社區的基礎。參與程度的增加使內容能夠從反映集體思想、意見和信仰的文化中發展出來,因為每個用戶都讚同自己喜歡的表達方式。本篇論文 代寫 價格文章由美國論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The third element of collaborative problem solving is fond to take place when the two or more individuals interact with one another for the purpose of articulating new knowledge. The online knowledge communities are present across the internet that facilitates the problem solving in a collaborative manner (Burgess and Green, 2013). Hence, the information generated by the user becomes the basis for the concerning communities. The increment in the level of participation enables the content to develop from the culture that reflects the collective ideas, opinions and beliefs due to which each user assents with the preferred expressions.
The circulation is the last element of the participatory culture as established by Jenkins that shapes the media and information flow through the activities of podcasting, video blogging, blogging and micro-blogging (Deodato, 2014). The social media websites encourage the participatory culture by offering blogs as such spaces for the groups and individuals to write for the audience that is online. The essentiality of blogging as a participatory culture form lies in the fact that it is become a recognized practice for the generation of user based content along with providing with the wide range of opinion with free information flow.
This indicates that the majority of the social media websites use participatory model that entails peer to peer learning opportunities, modified attitude to the intellectual property, cultural expression diversification and the skill development that are valued across the modern organization and empowered citizenship conception (Fuchs, 2013). This provides with the basis that the high extent of participatory culture is encouraged by the social media websites.



Rules and regulations governing this charter agreement between Moore steel and YSL are FIATA’s Negotiable Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading. Bill of lading has three distinct functions. They serve as evidence of the contractual agreement between the two parties involved. In the court of law, they are considered to be a receipt of the contract. They also serve as title to the document. Pursuant to this Hague Visy by rules of contractual terms apply to this bill of lading. Hague rules apply to the contract because there was no explicit mention of not wanting to follow Hague rules.
Moore steel is the party that shows how their interest will be affected by this damage incurred. Owing to this clause, it will be considered that they are the cargo interest. Singapore Company had faced the brunt of this issue. Hence they are considered to be the consignee. According to the bill of lading, YSL the ship owner has certain mandatory obligations that they need to meet to ensure that the products are delivered as per the requirement. YSL becomes the controlling party right from the point of collecting the merchandise or freight to the point of delivery of the product to the shipper. Bill of lading becomes the receipt and a document title between Moore steel and YSL whenever conflict arises. In the cases where a negotiable bill of lading has been used, it converts over to new consignee. Due to this, the legal status of the bill of lading changes in English Law.
Actual bill of lading regarding the quality of products needs to be analyzed to comprehend the amount of damages incurred by the company. If the shipper damaged the product, YSL will not be held liable. Nevertheless, if they had damaged the product, they would be held responsible. Quality of the product and characteristics of the product has been clearly mentioned in the bill of lading. Based on the bill of lading, judgment for the case will be delivered. Carrier i.e. YSL corporation has the burden of proof to show that the products were not damaged. YSL should have mentioned the quality of products.If it was mentioned that the products were “reserved” it can escape the charges brought onto them. If they had not mentioned and had accepted the product to be of good quality, YSL owes the shipper and the consignee remedies.












essay 代写-互联网的普及

essay 代写-互联网的普及




社会、人口和经济因素是互联网可达性的决定因素。然而,这些因素也在国内产生了社会和经济影响。2016年的统计数据显示,仅互联网零售就贡献了约2.2万亿美元的年零售额。此外,互联网连接和网络产业也以互联网维护和宽带服务成本等形式贡献了大量的二级收入。因此,它了解导致互联网使用和发展的社会经济决定因素,因此成为it部门政府和私营行业规划的关键部分(Choudrie & Dwivedi, 2006)。


essay 代写-互联网的普及

Internet access in the last few years has been expanding at rapid pace. Countries even with low socio-economic growth are also seen to focus on expanding the internet infrastructure as studies on socio-economic growth factors and the use of the internet highlights. It is proven that internet determinants would not rest with socioeconomic factors alone even though these are the most-strong factors. Some others identified are demographic factors, and the regional factors etc. In the context of understanding these determinants, this research is conducted for the specific geographic region of the United Kingdom.

Data on the United Kingdom, the form of use within the United Kingdom and more are researched into by making use of primary and secondary data. The introduction chapter presents the research background for the work, the aim and objectives of the work and the significance of the research work.

Research background

Socio-demographic and economic factors serve as a determinant for internet accessibility. However, these very factors also have a social and economic impact within the country as well. Statistics collected in 2016 shows that internet based retail alone contributes to around $2.2 trillion in annual retail. In addition, the internet connection and networking industry contribute to much secondary revenue as well, in the form of internet maintenance and broadband services costs etc. Therefore, it understands of socioeconomic determinants that have given rise to internet usage and evolution, and hence becomes a critical part of government and private industry planning in the IT sector (Choudrie & Dwivedi, 2006).

The household as a social organization is in fact a primary investigation form when it comes to understanding socio-economic understanding, and hence, the household could be applicable as a determinant to understand what drives Internet usages.